‘My students have great fun realising that they can play an octave or a tenth for the first time in their lives.’
Erica Booker, Suzuki teacher trainer and private teacher, Sydney, Australia, 2010.

United States of America

Catharine Lysinger, Dallas, Texas: DS5.5® (7/8) keyboard in grand piano. lysinger@mail.smu.edu

Katie Hoody, Garland, Texas, DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. kchoody@yahoo.com

Katy Sargent, Salt Lake City, Utah: DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. katsargent@gmail.com

Gloria Tham-Haines, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. gloria.tham@gmail.com

Melissa Robol, Worthington, Ohio: DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. mrobol8654@att.net

Corrine Van Dyk, Twin Falls, Idaho, DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. corrinehvandyk@yahoo.com

Tiffany Goff, Cleveland, Ohio, DS5.5® keyboard in upright piano.  tmgoff@yahoo.com

Kristen Landrum, Dallas, Texas, 7/8 keyboard (slightly larger than DS5.5®) keyboard in upright piano. inkwellmusicdallas@gmail.com

Kathryn Mientka, Sedona, Arizona, DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. cellopiano23@gmail.com Phone: 1-970-234-7408

Esther Chung Marks, Long Island, New York, DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. esmrks@icloud.com

Brandon Bui, Loma Linda, southern California, DS5.5® and DS6.0® keyboards in upright pianos. M.I.K.A.L. Music Playrooms, 24711 Redlands Blvd., Suite N, Loma Linda, CA. 92354. Phone: 1-714-822-7784.

Ely Guest, San Marcos, Texas. DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. ely-piano@hotmail.com

Kyu Butler, St Louis, Missouri, DS6.0® keyboard in upright piano. kyu.butler@gmail.com


Jen McCabe, Burlington, Ontario: DS5.5® keyboard in upright piano. jvarvarito@hotmail.com

Linda Gould, Victoria, British Columbia, DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. playpianotoday@gmail.com

Monique Fournier, Calgary, Alberta: DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. mtfourni@gmail.com


Erica Booker, Sydney, New South Wales:  DS5.5® keyboard in upright piano, Kawai GM12 grand with 6.06 inch octave keyboard, and a larger reduced-size keyboard (approx 19/20) in Steinway grand piano. ericaboo@bigpond.net.au


Kahoru Amano, Singapore: DS5.5® keyboard in grand piano. kamano@smu.edu


Simone Reichstatt, Korb (near Stuttgart), Germany: DS6.0 keyboard in Yamaha grand piano. simone.reichstatt@web.de

Matthew Curtis, London, UK: Pinkham 6.0 inch octave keyboard in upright piano. matthewmcurtis@hotmail.co.uk

Berglind Jonsdottir, Reykjavik, Iceland: Kawai GM12 grand with 6.06 inch octave keyboard. bbj@simnet.is

Karolinka de Bree, The Netherlands: Kaduk 5.5 inch octave keyboard in a Steinway grand piano. karolinka.debree@gmail.com

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