Feedback from pianists

Comments by pianists using reduced size keyboards come from various sources including published papers and a growing body of consistent, anecdotal evidence over the last two decades.  

Pianists with smaller hands – particularly those with maximum hand spans from thumb to 5th finger of less than 8.5 inches (21.6 cm) – overwhelmingly report how much easier it is to play on a narrower keyboard. These pianists also report that learning times are reduced, and access to repertoire is greatly increased.

Importantly, these pianists report that they have a much greater ability to focus on the music itself, rather than on overcoming technical obstacles. 

Almost without exception, they adapt very quickly to the stretto keyboard – generally within a few hours. Once adapted, for pieces they can play on the conventional keyboard, the pianist is able to swap back and forth between different sized keyboards as needed. 

Please explore these pages in more detail:

Summary of experiences

Technical ease

Effective practice and speed of learning

Repertoire choice

Musical differences

Memorisation and sight reading

Overall comfort and enjoyment

References – pianists’ experiences

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