Experience of pain and injury

Many of the pianists using stretto keyboards previously experienced pain or injury. In virtually all cases reported in the survey of pianists (Boyle, 2012), previous problems disappeared after they made the change. This means longer practice times became feasible.

Comments include:
Description of pain and injury: ‘Hand and arm cramps. Hands went numb too. Shortened my practice time and enjoyment.’
Change since using DS5.5® keyboard: ‘Haven’t had any since, and when I have the time, I am able to practice extended hours.’
Overall benefits: ‘I like the comfort of playing, feels less frustrating. I never knew this was a possibility so it seems like a miracle to me. After 30 years of playing, to have this opportunity is heavenly. And now when circumstances call for my over two hours of practice, I don’t dread the pain. My confidence has grown as a result.’ 
Amy Keffabers, Pennsylvania, USA

Description of pain and injury: ‘Tension in arms and hands, numbness. I could not play for longer than 10 minutes and did not play for 2 years because of it.’
Change since using (DS5.5®) keyboard: ‘I can play for much longer and continue to play every day. I don’t get frustrated from the pain and from being limited in my playing.’ Jen McCabe, Ontario, Canada,

In the video below, Canadian pianist Linda Gould talks about her experiences as a pianist. She describes her previous serious hand injury and how it cut short a promising performing career. She explains exactly why her DS5.5® keyboard makes such a massive difference for her.

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