International Stretto Piano Festival

The inaugural International Stretto* Piano Festival was held in May 2021, where all pianists perform on pianos or keyboards with keys narrower than normal. Website:

It is truly a unique event and the first of its kind, involving a worldwide collaboration of pianists.

*Stretto means narrow in Italian.

Listen to this fascinating episode from The Piano Pod  about the International Stretto Piano Festival and Hannah Reimann’s journey with Stretto pianos (i.e. alternatively sized keyboards). Pianist Julia Furnan also talks about her discovery of Stretto pianos!

The Third International Festival

The third International Stretto Piano Festival was broadcast from 15 to 23 July, 2023. 

Once again, over 40 performers were involved across five continents.

New York City was the focus with live concerts (also livestreamed) in Manhattan’s Engelman Recital Hall.

All concerts are still accessible via YouTube:

Media stories - 2023

Media stories for 2023 can be accessed here:

The Second International Festival

The second International Piano Stretto festival was broadcast from 18 to 26 June 2022.

Over 40 performers were involved through live-streamed and concerts recorded from stages, universities, pianos stores, private studios and homes across five continents!

Ticket page:

You can still purchase tickets and watch any of these concerts any time, even though the festival has concluded!

Media stories - 2022

West View News, New York, July 2022:

Introductory videos - 2022 festival

The Inaugural 2021 Festival

The first International Stretto Piano Festival was hosted online by from 15 to 23 May 2021.

The six countries represented were: USA, Canada, Australia, Germany, Austria and Brazil.

You can still purchase tickets and watch the performances at any time after the time of broadcast. Ticket page:

You can watch videos of two of the 2021 performers, Carol Leone and Eliana Yi, here:, and

Media stories - 2021

Introductory videos - 2021 festival

Introductory video from co-artistic directors, Hannah Reimann, Carol Leone and Rhonda Boyle:-

Introductory video from Ulrike Wohlwender, from the State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart (Germany):-

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