Pianists around the world are demanding a choice of keyboard size to suit all hands, allowing them to play the repertoire they choose with confidence and without pain.  Please explore this website and be in touch to connect with others!  If you support our goals please sign our petition – link at the bottom of this page.


  1. Widespread adoption of DS5.5 and DS6.0 sizes for piano keyboards, so that every school, university and concert venue has either DS5.5 and DS6.0 pianos/keyboards available, or alternative action stacks that can be swapped over in minutes.
  2. Piano manufacturers offering alternative DS5.5 and DS6.0 sizes for their most popular and entry level digital and acoustic piano models. Having these as affordable options for schools, studio teachers and families is critical.

For more information about our goals and terminology used, see this page: https://paskpiano.org/about/

Watch these short videos:-

  1. Tiffany Goff trying narrow keys for the first time plus an excerpt from Anna Arazi’s prize-winning performance on a DS6.0 keyboard in the Dallas International Piano Competition, and
  2. A video from Canadian pianist and teacher, Linda Gould, illustrating the unfairness of the current one-size-fits-all keyboard. It applies not just to pianists hoping for performing careers, but to all pianists who wish to be able to perform the repertoire they like, to the best of their musical ability and not be handicapped by the size of their hands.

The charts below show the situation with only one choice  – today’s ‘large’ keyboard – with what it COULD be:

The ‘small hands’ problem will largely disappear!

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