Media stories

Story published in Australian media, May 2021:

See these introductory videos associated with the International Stretto Piano Festival from May 2021: Note that all performances can be viewed on a pay-to-view basis and are available indefinitely. Links to media articles are here: International Stretto Piano Festival

See the size of Bach’s and Lang Lang’s hands!

Read about the new partnership of the DS Standard Foundation with Hailun Pianos!

Journalist Susan Shelley had this story published in several Californian newspapers on 1 December 2019:

Robert Estrin, well-known for his tutorials on has released a short video at the NAMM  2019 trade show supporting narrower keyboards:

Austin’s classical radio station, KMFA, interviewed Professor Carol Leone early in 2018. Carol talks about her experience with Steinbuhler keyboards at Southern Methodist University.

Kathryn Mientka’s January 2018 recitals on a DS5.5® in a Yamaha grand piano in Arizona and Colorado are featured in a story in The Daily Sentinel.
For details of the concerts, visit:

A story in the Dallas Morning News featured Professor Carol Leone and the trailblazing role of Southern Methodist University in relation to alternatively sized piano keyboards. Young pianists with not-so-large hands are flocking there to study on the university’s DS® keyboards.

Two stories about the recent performance by Monique Fournier in the Lipnicki piano store in Calgary, Canada, on 3 November 2017:
– In the Calgary Herald:
– From CBC Radio:

Story by Susan Shelley of the Los Angeles Daily News (12 September 2017):

For a story in the Wisconsin State Journal about Prof Jess Johnson’s event in February 2016, go to:

American pianist Hugh Sung, owner of the website ‘A Musical Life’, released a podcast about David Steinbuhler and the development of DS keyboards in November 2016.

CBC Radio One in Canada broadcast the story: Right hands, wrong piano: A game-changer for small-handed pianists on 25 October 2016. It covers the early history of DS keyboards and includes illuminating interviews with co-inventors David Steinbuhler and Chris Donison, as well as with Linda Gould, their first customer. You can listen to the podcast here, and view additional information (provided by Kathy Strauch) on more recent developments in relation to alternatively sized keyboards.

For other media stories, go to the Media Stories Playlist on the PASK YouTube channel:

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