Competitions providing keyboard choice

The first international piano competition in the world (Dallas Chamber Symphony International Piano Competition) is held in March every year. The competiton has offered a choice of Steinbuhler keyboards (DS5.5® and DS6.0®), as well as the conventional keyboard, to participants since 2014. For further information about the competition, visit:

A contestant in the 2017 competition, Mi-Eun Kim, played Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2 on a DS6.0® keyboard. She tried this size keyboard for the first time the day before the competition and adjusted within an hour! Here is a link to the start of her first round performance:-

In 2015, Anna Arazi won third prize in this competition on the DS6.0® keyboard. She also only tried it for the first time the day before the competition. Here is the link to a video of her first round performance.                                                                                      —————->

From 2018, a second piano competition in Oklahoma has provided the option of a Steinbuhler DS6.0® keyboard. The Kuleshov International Piano Festival and Competition is funded by the Swigeart Foundation in association with the UCO College of Fine Arts and Design and the UCO School of Music. It caters for pianists aged 15-24.                                                                                                                                                        

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