Private homes

The following pianists welcome enquiries from other pianists who would like to try their keyboards:

United States of America

Kathy Strauch from New Hampshire, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.

Jon Bromfield from Lakebay, Washington State, has a DS6.0® in his upright piano.

Karen Hudson-Brown from Portland, Oregon, has a DS5.5® in her grand piano.

Fulvia Bowerman from Warrenton, Virginia, has a DS6.0® in her upright piano.

Arlene Lawrence from Crawfordsville, Indiana, has a DS5.1® in her grand piano.

Elise Paul, from Alpine, California, has a DS5.5® in her upright piano.

Ellen Shamas-Brandt, from Littleton Colorado, has a DS5.5® in her baby grand piano.

Corrine Van Dyk, southern California, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her upright piano.

Jonathan Mataragas from Youngsville, North Carolina, has a DS5.5® in his grand piano.

Angela French, from Olympia, Washington State, has a DS5.5® in her grand piano.


Jenny Wang from Mississauga, Ontario, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.

Savita Prasad from Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her upright piano.


Rhonda Boyle from Melbourne, Victoria, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.

Anni Delahaye from Adelaide, South Australia, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.

Erica Booker, Sydney, New South Wales:  DS5.5® keyboard in upright piano, Kawai GM12 grand with 6.0 inch octave keyboard, and a larger reduced-size keyboard (approx 6.2 inch octave) in Steinway grand piano.


Patrick Schnegg from Switzerland has a DS5.5® keyboard in his upright piano.

Elias Johansonn from Gävleborg, Sweden has a DS5.1 keyboard in his upright piano.

Miguel Angel de Blas from London, UK has a 6.0 inch octave keyboard made by Clive Pinkham in his grand piano.

Vincent Tam from London, UK has a 5.5 inch octave keyboard in his Steingraeber upright piano.

Karolinka de Bree from Budapest, Hungary, has a Kaduk 5.5 inch octave keyboard in her grand piano.

Heidi Schneider, from Waakirchen (south of Munich) in Germany, has two 5.9 inch octave keyboards in upright pianos. One of them is a ‘left-hand’ piano with treble and bass reversed.

Marlies Prenger, from Utrecht, The Netherlands, has a Kaduk 15/16 keyboard in a grand piano.


Kurze Finger from Tokyo, Japan has DS5.5® and 6.0 inch octave keyboards in his upright pianos.

Yoko Himuro from Bunkyo-Ward Tokyo, Japan, has a 6.0 keyboard in an upright piano in her ‘Tokyo Stretto Piano’ studio, accessible to pianists for $10 per hour.

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