Private homes

The following pianists welcome enquiries from other pianists who would like to try their keyboards:

United States of America

Kathy Strauch from New Hampshire, has a DS5.5® keyboard in both grand and upright pianos.

Jon Bromfield from Lakebay, Washington State, has a DS6.0® in his upright piano.

Karen Hudson-Brown from Portland, Oregon, has a DS5.5® in her grand piano.

Fulvia Bowerman from Warrenton, Virginia, has a DS6.0® in her upright piano.

Arlene Lawrence from Crawfordsville, Indiana, has a DS5.1® in her grand piano.

Elise Paul, from Alpine, California, has a DS5.5® in her upright piano.

Ellen Shamas-Brandt, from Littleton Colorado, has a DS5.5® in her baby grand piano.

Corrine Van Dyk, southern California, DS5.5® keyboard in upright piano.


Jenny Wang from Mississauga, Ontario, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.

Savita Prasad from Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her upright piano.


Rhonda Boyle from Melbourne, Victoria, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.

Anni Delahaye from Adelaide, South Australia, has a DS5.5® keyboard in her grand piano.


Patrick Schnegg from Switzerland has a DS5.5® keyboard in his upright piano.

Alexandre Martin from Paris, France, has a 6.0 inch octave keyboard made by Laukhuff in his Yamaha C2X.

John Clipper from The Netherlands has a 5.5 inch octave keyboard made by Laukhuff in his Yamaha upright piano.

Elias Johansonn from Gävleborg, Sweden has a DS5.1® keyboard in his upright piano.

Miguel Angel de Blas from London, UK has a 6.0 inch octave keyboard made by Clive Pinkham in his Yamaha grand piano. mdeblaschem@yahoo.c

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