Another playlist  on the PASK YouTube channel features alternatively sized keyboards in action. It includes full performances and excerpts on keyboards with narrower keys, and comparisons on different sized keyboards.

A piano recital followed by a lively panel discussion was held at NCKP (National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy) on 26 July 2017. Four top pianists/professors performed on a DS6.0® keyboard in a Yamaha CFIIIS: Barbara Lister-Sink, Jessica Johnson, Jovanni-Rey de Pedro and Artina McCain. There is a link to the video of these performances below.

See also the links to three other movies featuring renowned performers: Carol Leone and Jessica Johnson performing on pianos with DS5.5® keyboards, and Anastasia Markina performing on a piano with DS6.0® keyboard. Also below is a performance of Gerhwin’s Rhapsody in Blue by Canadian pianist, Linda Gould, filmed soon after she acquired her DS5.5® keyboard back in 1995. Linda had previously abandoned a career as a performing artist due to a serious injury caused by playing the conventional keyboard. See her story in Personal stories from pianists.

See also the video below from a talented amateur pianist in Japan, Daisuke Sakai. He plays a DS5.5® keyboard in a Walter upright piano, and he wrote of his experience: ‘ I have been playing on the piano and I am starting to grow quite accustomed to the keyboard. Inevitably, of course, my first few hours of practicing has been wrought with awkward mistakes, but also with astonishing revelations. It goes without saying that chords which were merely played in wishful daydreaming are quite comfortably reached. That is not even the tip of the iceberg, however, as I saw, as I progressed in my practicing, that the whole gamut of piano playing is infinitely easier with the right keyboard size. Chord leaps, trills, scales, arpeggios, ascending and descending octaves could be played with virtually no effort in comparison to what I had to labor through hitherto. Consider, how I had neglected an Etude of Chopin’s, after seeing that no matter how much I practiced this one passage, it can only sound at best clumsy and amateurish. Indeed, when I played it on the smaller keyboard, I thought to myself, “Wow, I sound like Yefim Bronfman!”’ (Daisuke Sakai, November 2014).

Contributions to this channel are welcome. They can be excerpts , or complete performances by professional or amateur pianists of any age on a keyboard with narrower keys. Comparisons of a pianist playing the same excerpt using the conventional and a smaller keyboard are particularly useful where the difference is apparent). Please email if you have a movie to contribute! 

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